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School Supply

My Platform

As your GCISD Board Member, I promise to focus on these priorities.

#1 Supporting Teachers

Our Board has done a great job over the last three years of recognizing performance with increased pay raises for teachers.  The emphasis now must be on keeping resources available for the teachers and classrooms as state and federal funding levels remain stagnant, but costs and inflation continue increasing.  This is where my experience and training as a commercial lawyer, counseling large and small businesses, allows me to find solutions to complicated financial problems.

We must continue to attract and retain the best teachers.

Teacher and Pupil
Classmates in the Library

#2 Student Achievement

Consistent with my fundamental belief that classrooms are not social experiments and instead are places for learning, I am an advocate for promoting the process of how to think and not what to think.  My goal is to keep a sound, educational-based curriculum that challenges our students to become level-headed adults who will think critically for themselves.  

My experience as a trial lawyer is entirely based on critical thinking and understanding the application of the law to best communicate the desired outcome for the client.

#3 Parent Involvement is Key

We have all seen in the national and now even the regional news where schools are making significant social or educational decisions for children without parental consent or knowledge.  One of my top priorities is to keep parents involved in critical decisions for their children at every level. 

We can shape the future together.

Handshake in the Office

#4 Steady and Calm

Whether in a courtroom with 12 jurors or an athletic field with a bunch of 12-year-old kids running in every direction, I most often am described as steady and calm. These are the exact traits we need now. Our Board needs a steady and calm approach to the upcoming challenges the District faces. 


Of particular importance, I have the legal and business training to work within the Texas Education Code and other applicable statutes to maximize resources for our teachers and classrooms.

#5 Taxpayer Champion

I am committed to staying conservative on spending while stretching every dollar as far as possible for our teachers and classrooms.  As we have prioritized teacher pay and school safety with Security Resource Officers in every school, we must keep GCISD a top performing district that attracts the best teachers when positions become available. I am trained to be a zealous and ethical advocate for my clients on matters involving hundreds of millions of dollars. 


I will take the same approach as if GCISD were my client to zealously and ethically use my experience and training for solving complex commercial or business problems.

Stretching every Dollar for maximum impact in the classroom and throughout GCISD.

I would be grateful for your support and your vote.  Early voting begins on April 22 and goes through April 30, with election day on May 4, 2024.  
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